soccer information – Fiorentina, Atalanta coaches clash over disputed penalty

Goodbye, historical chum Humboldt State

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Fiorentina, who climbed to fourth on 13 elements, took the lead from the softest of penalties for an alleged unfavorable on Federico Chiesa in the 63rd minute.

Chiesa burst into the Atalanta enviornment, slowed down and dribbled throughout the course of defender Rafael Toloi who did every thing possible to evade any contact, yet the Fiorentina participant still went flying.

incredibly, the referee awarded a penalty devoid of consulting the VAR system and Jordan Veretout transformed. Cristiano Biraghi scored the 2nd within the last minute.

as the ultimate whistle went, a livid Gasperini began ranting angrily at his Fiorentina rival Pioli and there seemed to be a push between the pair before they have been separated.

Federico Chiesa durante Fiorentina-Atalanta 2018 images

“Chiesa is a participant who has more desirable enormously. obviously, he can also fall over if there is a physical contact however he doesn’t go to floor at the slightest touch,” talked about Pioli.

Genoa striker Krzysztof Piatek persisted his dazzling originate to his Serie A profession by way of notching a brace in a 2-1 assume at lowly Frosinone, who at least had the comfort of scoring their first intention of the season.

Piatek volleyed domestic within the 33rd minute and the Pole grew to become in a Christian Kouame inferior from shut latitude three minutes later, his eighth goal in six appearances for the reason that joining from Cracovia for a modest four million euros $four.sixty four million in July.

Frosinone, who’ve one point, finally scored when Camillo Ciano transformed a penalty three minutes earlier than halftime after Nicolas Spolli fouled Stipe Perica.

Torino received 1-0 at Chievo after forward Simone Zaza got here off the bench to grab a late winner, leaving the Flying Donkeys rooted to the backside of the desk with minus one factor after having three deducted for accounting irregularities.

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